Donatello Gabbrielli

Donatello Gabbrielli was born in 1884 in Scandicci (Florence) from a working class family: his father Enrico was a joiner and his mother, Argentina Marinelli, was a cook with a local family. His parents singled him out at an early stage for his drawing capabilities and therefore encouraged him to go to an evening art class: however family problems didn’t allow him to attend the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. Notwithstanding this he began to work in Professor Cesare Fantacchiotti’s Studio: this was a very severe school, where Fantacchiotti didn’t waste time training students who didn’t have a real talent for art. Gabbrielli became the only and loving trustee of Fantacchiotti’s teachings: during his youth he limited himself to rough-hewing marble figures but soon wanted to create his own models. In 1909 he won at “The First Donatelliana Exhibition” of Leghorn with the work “La Carità” and in 1910, again, at “The International Exhibition” of Cettinje (Montenegro) with the work “Il Lavoro”. Professor Fantacchiotti died in 1922 so Gabbrielli inherited his Studio and all its tools. In 1954 he was appointed Professor of The Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. Donatello Gabbrielli died in 1955 in his hometown.