Art Gallery in Florence

Since 1822, Galleria Pietro Bazzanti holds high the traditional artisan techniques of sculpture in bronze, marble and semi-precious stones. Still today, the gallery is a hub for culture, for meetings for artists and aficionados of sculpture. On the Arno, in the heart of Florence.

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Giambologna and the rape of the Sabines – Part II

Giambologna and the rape of the Sabines - Part IIThe David and the Hercules It was in 1504 with Michelangelo's gigantic marble David placed outside the door of Palazzo della Signoria, now Palazzo Vecchio, that the government of Florence allowed the taboo of nudity seen from the front to be completely overcome, so much so [...]

Verrocchio and his David

Verrocchio and his DavidDavid in the Middle Ages The figure of the biblical David has fascinated the Florentines in a particular way since the Middle Ages. In the Old Testament he is described very well, better than most other prophets have been. Among the peculiar characteristics of him at the moment in which he kills [...]

Giambologna and the Rape of the Sabines – Part I

Giambologna and the Rape of the SabinesPart I Hendrick Goltzius, portrait of Giambologna The largest sculpture in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Piazza della Signoria is the Rape of the Sabines by Giambologna. Michelangelo's powerful but slender David positioned near the Loggia in front of the Palazzo Vecchio nearby, exceeds five meters in height, and [...]