Art Gallery in Florence

Since 1822, Galleria Pietro Bazzanti holds high the traditional artisan techniques of sculpture in bronze, marble and semi-precious stones. Still today, the gallery is a hub for culture, for meetings for artists and aficionados of sculpture. On the Arno, in the heart of Florence.

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The David by Donatello

The David by Donatello It was Cosimo dei Medici the Elder who, around 1440, commissioned Donatello to create a bronze statue of David cast in lost wax. In 1420 his father Giovanni di Bicci dei Medici, founder of the Banco dei Medici and great patron of art in Florence, left the management of his activities [...]

Michelangelo and the David – Part I

Michelangelo and the David - Part IThe Masterpiece and its historyThe History When Michelangelo signed the contract with the Opera del Duomo in Florence in August 1501 for the execution of the marble statue of a David, he was 26 years old, and had already executed a series of works, which later became "classics"; including [...]

The Chimera

The Etruscan Chimera The Chimera, this lion-dog with a snake's tail and a goat's head on its back, was formed from the transformation of fantastic animals from Syrian, Persian and Babylonian Assyrian art. Sphinx-lion, from Karkemish (Turkey), 9th century. BC, Anadolu Medeniyetleri Muzesi, Ankara It appeared in the Western world through Greek, Etruscan and Italic [...]