Odoardo Fantacchiotti

Was born in Rome in 1809 and died in Florence in June 1877. He studied at the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts under Stefan Ricci and Aristodemo Costoli. He gradually convinced himself that he should follow the ideals of Canova and Bartolini. Among the monuments he executed are “Luigi Cherubini” and one to Prince “Neri Corsini” in the church of Santa Croce (Florence), the statue of “Giovanni Boccaccio” in the arcade of the Uffizi, a bust of “Queen Margherita” in the Quirinal Palace in Rome, “Eve” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Turin, “Susanna” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Florence and “Pandora” for the Bazzanti Brothers Studio in Florence. This last work, a marble statue of limpid and academic serenity, is perhaps the most representative of his art and is not directly reminiscent either of Canova or of Bartolini.