Art Gallery in Florence

Since 1822, Galleria Pietro Bazzanti holds high the traditional artisan techniques of sculpture in bronze, marble and semi-precious stones. Still today, the gallery is a hub for culture, for meetings for artists and aficionados of sculpture. On the Arno, in the heart of Florence.

News and Magazines

The art of lost wax casting – Part 2

The art of lost wax casting Part 2 The negative moulds made on the sculptures to be cast in bronze are used to obtain a positive wax of the sculpture itself, of the same thickness that the bronze should have. The wax thus obtained is retouched, i.e. any imperfections are removed, until it is perfect [...]

Las Vegas, the Bellagio Hotel

Las Vegas, the Bellagio Hotel The furnishing of gardens, parks, interiors of villas and hotels is one of the frequent works of the Galleria Bazzanti. Our architects design the furniture on customer request, or collaborate with the architect that the customer already has. A typical case is that of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, [...]

Donatello and the putto in the sculpture – Parte IV

Donatello and the putto in the sculpturePart IV The desire and pleasure that Donatello has in creating the putti makes him sculpt them them at the base of the tomb of the bishop of Grosseto Giovanni Pecci in the cathedral of Siena (1426). They are carved at the bottom, foreshortened, covered by the large parchment [...]