Art Gallery in Florence

Since 1822, Galleria Pietro Bazzanti holds high the traditional artisan techniques of sculpture in bronze, marble and semi-precious stones. Still today, the gallery is a hub for culture, for meetings for artists and aficionados of sculpture. On the Arno, in the heart of Florence.

News and Magazines

The 200 Years of the Bazzanti Gallery

I 200 Anni della Galleria Bazzanti The Postal Service of the Italian State considered the Pietro Bazzanti and Son Art Gallery of Florence an institution of great worldwide importance. In March 2022 they came to visit us in the Gallery some technicians of Poligrafico dello Stato, Post Office and Telegraph section, for an interview with [...]

Donatello and the Putto in the sculpture – Part VI

Donatello and the Putto in the sculpturePart VI The great equestrian monument of the warlord Gattamelata (Erasmo da Narni) that Donatello executed between 1443 and 1453 for Padua is the first large equestrian statue cast in bronze with the lost wax technique from the Roman era until the Renaissance. It was commissioned by the Venetian [...]

The vaccine by Edward Jenner and the sculpture by Giulio Monteverde – Part I

The vaccine by Edward Jenner and the sculpture by Giulio MonteverdePart 1 Lady Mary Wortley Pierrepont, wife of the English ambassador to Istanbul Lord Montague, fell ill with smallpox in 1714 and managed to recover. She had followed her husband to Turkey, where she had seen some women infect themselves and her children with smallpox [...]