Bronze sculpture “Bacchus” by Michelangelo


Michelangelo Buonarroti

Original size bronze replica of Michelangelo’s “Bacchus” sculpture preserved in the Museum of Bargello, Florence.

Lost wax casting in statuary bronze Work in limited edition from an original model made by the Ferdinando Marinelli Artistic Foundry

Height: 200 cm

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The Bacchus, the wonderful marble work sculpted by Michelangelo in 1497, is kept in the National Museum of the Bargello in Florence. It is one of the few sculptures by the artist with a profane subject. Michelangelo made it during his first stay in Rome for Cardinal Raffaele Riario. The pose of the “Bacchus” is unusual, especially when referring to classicism: The God of wine is drunk, one leg is bent and the opposite arm is extended. With his right hand he holds a cup, probably full of wine, from which he drinks with satisfaction. In his left hand he holds the skin of an animal and his head is surrounded by ivy and grape leaves. The little satyr on his left is very darting. He is eating grapes, turning his torso conspicuously.

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