Bronze sculpture bas-relief “Tondo Taddei” by Michelangelo


Michelangelo Buonarroti

Original size bronze posthumous first edition of Michelangelo’s “Tondo Taddei” sculpture, kept at the Royal Academy in London

Lost wax casting in statuary bronze Work in limited edition from original model made by the Ferdinando Marinelli Artistic Foundry

Height: 110 cm

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Marble bas-relief executed by Michelangelo between 1504 and 1506.
San Giovannino, on the left, hands a goldfinch, symbol of the passion and the soul, to the child Jesus who seeks refuge in the womb of his mother Mary, almost making a leap towards her.
Mary, with a face veiled by a severe and melancholy expression at the same time, seems to stare at little Saint John, as if to reproach him for this innocent gesture.
The figures of the bas-relief slowly emerge from the bottom plane, which appears to have been left in a rough, rough state.
The English painter John Constable, the greatest exponent of British Romanticism, was entranced by the Tondo Taddei so much that he defined it: “One of the greatest works of art ever”.
It is kept at the Royal Academy in London.

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Dimensions 110 × 20 × 110 cm


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